Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to love your skin

Have you ever seen your skin under a microscope? Take a magnifying glass and enter the magical world of ridges and valleys, of pores with hairs and without, of discolorations and dry spots. They are all hardly noticeable to the naked eye yet become intensified and almost a bit scary looking.  It’s hard to imagine you’re looking at the largest organ of your body and think, “Is that what I look like?  Nah, gross.”

Au contraire, my friends, it’s ultra cool, our beautiful shell, the mantle that covers our flesh, muscles, tendons, brain and bones.

The skin is not just a cover. As a live and vitally important part of our bodies, it’s also our largest eliminatory organ. We eliminate toxins and waste through our perspiration, through dead skin follicles and also through our breath. But the most evidence of a dirty inner terrain or a troubled immune system is often visible on the skin. This can take many forms:  acne, regular pimples, dry patches, areas that put out intense sebum, areas that are reddened and puffy, areas where you get lots of black heads or little pus eruptions, or skin discolorations in areas where we now know relate to specific organs.

How to go about changing this?