Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stop Smoking Now

Last year the United States unveiled nine graphic health warning labels that must cover half the area of cigarette packages by this September.  In Australia, an Australian court upheld a law requiring "plain-packaged" cigarettes, with no corporate branding on the pack.

Countries around the world are getting serious at doing their part to make citizens in their respective countries healthier.  Cigarette smoking, one of the most common, media-glamorized habits that damages healthy cells in the body and leads to diseases such as cancer, is one thing various health organizations are pushing very hard to reduce (if not eliminate). 

In just a short span of time after quitting the cigarette habit, look at the amazing changes that one can start to experience. In fact, in as little as 8 hours, excess carbon monoxide (from cigarette smoke) is removed from your blood.

By the end of one week, your sense of taste and smell improves.  It takes only 5 days for most nicotine to get out of your body.  If you didn't notice the smell and taste of nicotine while you smoked, you would notice the difference if you tried it again after not having it for a whole week.

In one month, your skin appearance can improve.  This can be due to many factors, drinking more water and eating healthier.  It can also be due to the elimination of free radicals which were damaging the skin cells. Smoking can cause free radical damage to the skin cells from inside and outside your body.

You will also notice that by the end of 3 months, your lung function improves.  Depending on how weakened your lungs were from smoking, you may notice that you can walk longer and farther without feeling short of breath.  Your stamina for exercise will also improve. What's even better is that by the end of 12 months, your risk of heart disease will also be cut in half. 

If you quit smoking now, you'll also find yourself in a much better financial position.  Think of all the money you'll be saving each month when you're not buying those ever increasingly expensive packs of cigarettes.  You can buy yourself a nice reward for making your body healthier and increasing your life expectancy.  Or buy something that you and your loved ones can enjoy together.  The choice is up to you.

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