Friday, August 31, 2012

Pet Minerals

Our beloved pets, like us (their humans), need fresh water and minerals to help sustain a long healthy life.  In fact they could benefit from the same mineral supplement that has helped many of us achieve "wetter water", a more alkaline cellular environment, and increased oxygenation within our bodies.

A lower-cost version of Xtreme X2O called Pet2O was created and manufactured for Xooma Worldwide.  This product contains the same mineral composition as Xtreme X2O but undergoes a less-refined manufacturing process.  That just simply means the water you mix it in may turn a little cloudier compared to the water you mix Xtreme X2O in.  The cloudiness does not make the product less effective.  It only makes it less attractive to a human.  But for a pet, it makes no difference.

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