Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Benefits of Walking

Walking is the probably the easiest form of exercise you can get without spending any money on (other than maybe clothes and a good pair of walking shoes).   There are countless health benefits from walking but one we don't always consider is how it can positively affect our moods.  As the picture shows, walking can boost brain chemistry to increase happiness.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 Cancer-Fighting Spices

The scientific community is still hesitant to admit that cancer is preventable through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Even though proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are not fool-proof methods of preventing cancer, we can also say that medical science does not have a fool-proof way to treat it either.  So when it comes to choosing between the lesser of two evils (pardon the expression) which would you choose - the high probability of success method of prevention or the high probability of deadly side effects cure?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nature's Best-Kept Secret for Lowering Cholesterol

Why should anyone take a chance on changing their health with Kardiaxyme™?  There are lots of evidence to support this.

“Over 12 million Americans are prescribed a statin drug with the most common side effect being muscle pain and weakness. But the second most common side effect is rarely discussed in the literature, and not listed in the package insert of any of the commonly prescribed statin drugs. It is known as "transient global amnesia (TGA)"—the sudden and temporary loss of memory.” - Julian Whitaker

Sweet Yet Healthy For You

Just like the poster asks - why would you drink all that sugar?  After learning just how much sugar is actually in that $1 - $2 bottle of soda and knowing how damaging all that sugar is to our body's metabolism (not to mention how it lowers our body's pH level) and resulting in a domino-effect of health problems, WHY?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get A Load of Sugar

Have you ever seen the website called Sugar Stacks?  The site has some pretty interesting photos used to help readers visualize just how much sugar comes in many of our common beverages and foods.  It's actually quite scary to see how much there is, especially when you consider how we have downed one drink after another, in an incessant quest to quench that thirst.  No wonder we can still feel thirsty after one bottle or can of these drinks!