Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get A Load of Sugar

Have you ever seen the website called Sugar Stacks?  The site has some pretty interesting photos used to help readers visualize just how much sugar comes in many of our common beverages and foods.  It's actually quite scary to see how much there is, especially when you consider how we have downed one drink after another, in an incessant quest to quench that thirst.  No wonder we can still feel thirsty after one bottle or can of these drinks! 

As consumers start to educate themselves more, we are learning to cut back on many of these unhealthy drinks and replace them with healthier, pure or mineral-rich water or with naturally-flavored and naturally-sweetened fruit beverages.  While moderate amounts of sugar is not harmful, excessive amounts can damage the body's metabolic system.  Then the body goes haywire, the cells don't function as they should, and diseases start to develop.

Sugar, of course, comes in many forms.  Our bodies do need some forms and some amounts of it.  But exactly what type and how much do we really need?  You can learn more about sugar and avoid this confusion by reading Sugars 101, a section of the article "The 76 Dangers of Sugar to Your Health." 

Another article worth reading is "Dangers of Refined Sugar" by William Duffy.  The article is posted on the Global Healing Center website. 

If you're looking for more mainstream publications, The published this article in April 2011 - Is Sugar Toxic?

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