Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 Cancer-Fighting Spices

The scientific community is still hesitant to admit that cancer is preventable through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Even though proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are not fool-proof methods of preventing cancer, we can also say that medical science does not have a fool-proof way to treat it either.  So when it comes to choosing between the lesser of two evils (pardon the expression) which would you choose - the high probability of success method of prevention or the high probability of deadly side effects cure?

Consider this - cancer is caused by cells that no longer function properly.  Sometimes your body experiences abnormal growth in various parts, but it may not be the result of cancer. Cancer develops when this abnormal growth becomes so severe that the function of the individual cells in the tissue is totally destroyed. Normal cell function stops, and growth continues.  (This is a known fact - check any medical and pharmaceutical textbook and see!)

There have been many holistic as well as unorthodox treatment methods that have been largely successful at treating cancer patients.  Many of these treatment methods work on the theory that normal cell functions can be restored, often by creating a cellular environment which prevents the "cancerous" cells from being able to grow.  Some treatment methods are so radical that the FDA refuses to recognize the positive results that many patients have reported getting, even with documented proof that the treatment worked for them. It's unfortunate that there is such a war between the pharmaceutical industry and the nutraceutical or natural health care industry.

In any case, knowing what we do know about the great potential to prevent this deadly condition through proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, there's little harm in also making sure we have a balanced diet which includes using some of these cancer-fighting spices.  We not only add delicious flavor to our foods, but help balance our bodies' cell functions and reduce the potential for renegade cells to turn into a cancerous growth.

Here are a few good sources of healthful recipes that contain these cancer-fighting spices:

Garlic Recipes -

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Have fun cooking!!!

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