Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reasons to Eat Fruit

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Many of us adults probably remember how much our parents used to tell us to eat our fruits and vegetables.  Of course, it likely was easier to follow through with eating fruits because they simply had more flavor to them than vegetables.  Plus there's a natural sweetness to them that made them so much more tasty.

Nowadays, with so many busy lifestyles and eating on the run, it's hard to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  It's no wonder why fiber shakes, vitamin shakes, and similar "liquid food replacement" products fly off the store shelves as quickly as they do.

If you can take the time to eat your helping of fresh fruits, you'll be doing your body a world of good.  The chart above shows just a few of the numerous benefits these fruits can provide our bodies.  And if you still can't find the time to eat them, or simply can't find them in your local grocery store (like when it's off season), there's low-calorie, low-glycemic value substitute you can add to your bottle of drinking water.

It's Xooma Blast - from a health and nutrition company called Xooma Worldwide.  We've posted about this product previously but can't emphasize enough how valuable food replacement products like these can be in supplementing one's diet.  Even if you're just wanting something flavored to drink - say NO! to sodas and say YES! to Xooma Blast.  This is a much healthier alternative and packed with antioxidant power to help rid your body of free radicals.

Free radicals create a destructive process in our cells, causing the molecules within the cells to become unstable. They may even be a big player in the formation of cancerous cells by a “chain-reaction” effect, causing other cells to become damaged.  Antioxidants prevent cell damage as well as repair damaged cells. These are the tiny powerhouses that fight free radicals to help keep our cells healthier.

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