Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Mountain Dew Mind

It's so disturbing to think that as much proof that we have about the dangers of soda, the soda industry still makes billions of dollars around the world selling these harmful drinks to consumers.  What's sad is how so many people get addicted to them but won't liken the addiction to other harmful products (like tobacco, for instance).

Here's what happens within an hour of consuming soda:

There's still much work to do to reach out to families who might not be able to obtain the latest health reports concerning sodas, the dangerous chemicals found in them, and the long-term effects of consuming these products.

There needs to be more choices made available to everyone. These choices should also not be too cost prohibitive for lower income families who when faced with the choice between a USD $1.00 menu soda and a USD $2 or USD $3 all-natural, preservative-free drink, won't hesitate to choose the healthier alternative.

Many natural health food/supplement companies are now offering a lot more healthier and affordable alternatives.  A wellness company called Xooma Worldwide offers drink products such as Xtreme X2O (mineral sachets which you add to water), Xooma Blast (natural fruit/vegetable flavoring with a high ORAC value and low-glycemic value content), and a natural energy and brain support drink mix called FocusUP.  These alternatives cost between $1 to $2 per day only and when used regularly, help support a healthy immune system (helping reduce costly doctor's visits and prescription medication). 

In the meantime, educating the public, spreading the word about the dangers of choosing sodas over nature-based, healthy alternatives is most critical.  And that is part of the reason why our Natural Health Search team is working hard to to keep you informed through this blog. 

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