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The Physical Aspects of Health

This is an inspiring article previously published online at Xooma Worldwide HEALTHBEAT Monthly. The article was written by Dr. Melissa Bennett, one of Xooma's Scientific Advisory Board Members. Check it out!

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, I focus on three primary areas of health: physical, emotional and spiritual. All three of these areas have an important role in maintaining our health. Based on my experience, I truly believe if any of these areas are out of balance, then all other areas will be affected. I know from personal experience as a breast cancer survivor that before I was diagnosed, my body was out of balance in all of these areas. Thanks to my Lord and Savior, I am here to help others through education and preventative healthcare.

In this article, I will examine the first area which is the “physical” and will provide some great tips to help keep your body disease-free!

“The” Physical. Usually we get a physical examination every year and walk out feeling pretty good about ourselves, as long as our blood work shows up WNL (within normal limits). Do you remember the show ‘The Price Is Right’ with Bob Barker and the game with the little mountain climber who makes it to the top of the mountain, only to often fall off and crash to his death? This is a great analogy of traditional medical testing.

Usually by the time you are not “WNL” you are ready to have some type of medical intervention. This normally consists of a prescription or other invasive procedure(s) to rule out the presence of disease. Although I see the necessity of having regular medical checkups and treatment, I look at preventative healthcare as a way to catch the mountain climber before he gets to the top of the mountain in order to help him or her change direction.

My version of ‘physical’ health consists of the following: detoxification internally, as well as externally through lifestyle modification, chiropractic care, nutritional supplementation, healthy dietary choices and proper hydration.

Each of these areas is unique and serves its own purpose to help keep our bodies healthy from a physical standpoint. When looking at detoxification, many think of starving and making several trips to the bathroom. While certain detoxes will definitely cause these results, they may not be a healthy choice for you. Your body needs nutrition to support the phases of detoxification your liver must go through before toxins are released.

So why should we detoxify? Each year approximately 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment. These toxic chemicals can accumulate in your body and affect your overall health. Long-term exposure to even small amounts of these substances has been linked to ill health. Your body has the amazing ability under normal circumstances, to rid itself of harmful chemicals and pollutants. However, unhealthy diets lacking in proper nutrients, and the amount of toxins your body is exposed to, can overwhelm this process and toxins will accumulate in adipose (fat) or other tissues.

This is why I always recommend a good annual detoxification program to help your body have a fresh start. I love yearly programs, but what good are they if you do not maintain detoxification on a regular basis? Your body reverts back to holding onto substances that can cause numerous health problems, especially if they are left unchecked only to accumulate until the next detoxification program.

This is one of the primary reasons I love Xooma’s top-selling product: X2O™! By using X2O regularly, it’s the ideal way to continue this detoxification process all year long. Imagine every time you place that little sachet into your water that you are creating your own detoxification station! Drinking X2O daily is a wonderful way to keep the chemicals and irritants we are exposed to regularly flushed out of our bodies!

Once the inside of the body is detoxified, I look at the external environment to make changes that we take for granted. I begin with our tap water. Xooma Members are very aware of the bombardment of chemicals when we drink tap water on a regular basis, but I take it one step further. I recommend shower and bath filtration (especially for babies). Many people are not aware that when chlorine heats up it turns into a gas, which we inhale primarily in the shower. This chlorine gas has been linked to lung cancer, stomach cancer, and other health conditions. I introduce all my patients to showerheads that have long-lasting filters…this is important because you can purchase a cheap showerhead from a store and spend more money on the filters (in just a few months) than on the showerhead itself.

Another wonderful and amazing fact about X2O is that it actually neutralizes this harmful chemical (chlorine) from your tap water. I do not recommend drinking tap water on a regular basis, however it is acceptable to use when you do not have an option. The best way to save money and keep your water safe is to purchase a good water filtration container or a water filtration system, fill up your BPA-free & BPS-free Xooma bottle and use the X2O sachets. I always recommend this to my patients and carry them in my medical practice. By doing this I am not only helping my clients change their chemically laden tap water, but also helping them save money by not purchasing unregulated bottle water. So basically, I help others stay safe from the onslaught of plastic, and by adding X2O, enabling them to transform ‘dead’ water into ‘living’ water.

Physical health also consists of exercise, which I like to call “FSA”, the acronym for “Fun Sweaty Activity.” Not only is regular exercise good for your cardiovascular system, it will also help with symptoms associated with occasional constipation, as well as improve overall digestive health and function. Regular physical activity gets you moving on the outside and helps your insides move out wastes that can store up in the body.

I believe your “FSA” should be something you like to do instead of something you have to do. So I recommend doing whatever you like to do: biking, hiking, dancing, fitness DVDs and classes, rowing, running, swimming, sports, etc. Any recreational activity or fitness activity that will get you into motion at least 30 minutes 5 days a week (as long as your body can support this physically). I even have a program in my practice called ‘chair-a-cise’ and the entire workout is done in your chair with a DVD, so it’s possible for everyone to exercise, no matter what.

When patients are needing supportive (such as ‘structural’) care, I always refer them to a Chiropractor. For those of you who have never been to one of these specialists, I highly recommend having a visit. Most people only think of Chiropractic care as a way to relieve pain (which is a wonderful side effect) of seeing a Chiropractor. I look at Chiropractic care as a way to maintain the function and integrity of your nervous system which has the beautiful job of connecting your brain to all the organs in your body. Keeping your body subluxation free with proper nerve flow to the organ systems is another foundational component of physical health.
The final area of physical health consists of proper nutrition, high quality nutritional supplementation, and proper hydration. In my practice, I have many tests that determine food sensitivities, nutritional deficiency levels and even genetic testing to see which diet is the best for each individual. Once these are determined, I use this information to set up a personalized program to help patients reach optimal health. Very rarely do I encounter someone who is not deficient from a nutritional standpoint. This can be due to the intake of processed foods they are consuming, along with stress, lack of exercise, and dehydration, which all come into play when a person is physically out of balance.

The foundation of my program always begins with X2O to keep people ultra-hydrated, mineralized and alkalized. With hydration being a key part of good physical health, X2O provides vital minerals your body needs that are in a highly bioavailable form.

I also love the programs provided by Xooma Worldwide which cover many of today’s health concerns such as blood sugar balancing, weight management, energy enhancement and inflammatory control. Here are Xooma’s products that support each of these areas.

 Xooma’s Berry Balance™ includes chromium polynicotinate, with research showing it can help to effectively balance blood sugar. For a full product package centered around naturally balancing blood sugar, the ‘Believe in Better’ pack is a powerful combination. It includes X2O, Assimilator™, Berry Balance and Omega 3/75™.

For weight management, Xooma’s MetaboWize™ System is based on over 10 years of proven metabolic research. Testimonies from Members around the world have shown that the MetaboWize System not only helped people lose weight but they have successfully kept it off for years.

Xooma’s FocusUP® product, “The Pure Energy Think Drink,” has made a significant impact on people’s lives that’s created sustained energy and uses all healthy ingredients.

KardiaXyme™ is another miraculous product that comes from the sea with Xooma Members reporting significant relief from inflammation and blood tests results that have shown lower ‘bad’ cholesterol numbers and higher ‘good’ cholesterol numbers. The key to success in a Naturopathic practice is to help your patients achieve real results.

With Xooma’s line of proprietary products, I always see patients respond positively which makes my job a lot easier. I feel truly blessed to be part of Xooma’s mission to Change the Health of a Generation. And while I can only reach a small sector of people in my practice, Xooma gives us all the ability to reach multitudes of people around the world who are in need of these life-changing products!

Yours in Health,
Melissa Bennett, ND, MIFHI, CTN, CNW

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