Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chasing Miracles

Pictured (from L to R) - Mrs. Burdick (friend), Tommie Weber, Liggy (me), and Mr. Burdick (friend)

Let's face it. In our quest for perfect health, we are all "chasing miracles". What works for one does not always work for another, and what scientists or medical professionals tell us we need are not ever real "cures". Most medications out there only relieve or rid us of one system, but never truly stops what caused the symptoms to begin with. What we really need is to get to the root of it all and find a way to stay healthy. And that's the challenging part.

Tommie Weber

I have had the pleasure and honor to meet and work directly with the author of "Chasing Miracles" - nutrition lecturer, holistic researcher, and health advocate, Tommie Weber. He is one of the strongest believers I know in drug-free cures and prevention as the key to health. He absolutely hates pharmaceutical substance in his body. In fact, he recently had to go to Nigeria for a business trip and if not for Nigeria requiring him to have certain immunizations in order to enter the country he would not have had that needle touch his body at all. He is a strong believer in preventing illness through keeping your body alkaline, hydrated, and mineralized.

Chasing Miracles

Perhaps the central focus of his lifelong crusade for health is the use of alkalizing minerals in the body. You can obtain these minerals in many different ways (capsules, sachets, tablets). One very easy way to get them is through sachets that contain the minerals that when added to purified or distilled water, are transformed into an ionized form and are readily absorbed by the body. The secret to the mineral-rich sachets is found in coral. Coral, when harvested properly and safely, provides us a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and over 72 trace minerals. The only one I've found that lives up to its claim is the Alkaline Coral Calcium products (distributed by Health Thru Nutrition). The sachet form is also sold through Xooma Worldwide distributors under the name Xtreme X2O.

Even nutrition expert and author of Fat Wars: 45 days to transform your body (For Dummies (Health & Fitness), Brad King, wrote about the effectiveness of the coral calcium sachets and the importance of hydrating and alkalizing the body for better health. You can download a free copy of his Xtreme Health Book here. It's a truly informative piece of literature with no advertising.

I've read many published articles that an alkaline body prevents viruses and degenerative processes from growing because more oxygen is present in an alkaline body. Diseases (even cancer cells) need an oxygen-deprived environment to sustain growth. That's just a small gist of it. I think looking into hydrating, alkalizing, and mineralizing your body might be a good first step in your search for natural health.


Coral Calcium said...

I have used Coral Calcium for about 8 years now. We have received many benefits in using it. For one, we very rarely get sick, including our 3 children who are ages 5, 14, and 17. Even during the flu season, nobody in our family has been affected in over 6 years. We use the authentic Bob Barefoot products through his largest supplier They are fast to ship, have great customer service and are very knoledgeable.

Liggy said...

I appreciate your comment, Coral Calcium. Yes, I, too have noticed that my children have had reduced incidences of sickness during flu season as well since we've been using coral calcium daily the past four years. I wish more parents would do the same so we'd have less children getting sick all the time at schools.

TC said...

Hey Liggy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I have not heard of this book but will check it out. Sounds very interesting. You know me, always trying to teach others ways to stay healthy naturally. If you like to read, you should check out my new book - Live Smart. It is on now and soon will be on See you and thanks for this post.