Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Java Lovers Will Love This

Self Magazine

More and more research are coming out with positive news for coffee lovers. In fact, the latest issue of SELF magazine (August 2009) has a feature article titled "Brava, Java" instarbucks the Food & Diet section. The article, written by Beth Janes, gives us a little history of coffee as it comes from the coffeeberry bean up to the time we consume it in our coffee cups. Gone are the days when your only choices for coffee were black or with cream and sugar. Now coffee afficionados can enjoy the drink hot or cold as well, thanks to the successful marketing efforts of food and beverage establishments like Starbucks.
The SELF article outlines some of the many benefits of java and caffeine:

* antioxidant power to help fight radical cell damage

* antibacterial power to help against cavities and oral cancer

* the ability to unleash phytoestrogens and flavonoids which may help halt or slow down the growth of tumors

* Xanthine, found in caffeine, which may help against gallstones

* Chlorogenic acid, also found in caffeine, which may help against Type 2 Diabetes

You can check out the rest of the article online at SELF.

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I Wanna Rock! said...

I have noticed some of these benefits myself. I agree with the writer.