Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sugar in Our Drinks

Soft drinks are not the only commercially sold beverage that is loaded with sugar these days. There are alarmingly high amounts of sugar in the different popular drinks, including a popular organic soy milk and good old orange juice. A friend of mine shared this link to a site that compares various beverages by serving size, total calories, and calories from sugar. I was quite shocked to see how much these popular drinks contain. What's fascinating is what a difference it makes to better understanding the sugar content concept when you see a picture showing you exactly what those numbers mean in terms of sugar cubes.

The website owner (or author) took the time to stack up sugar cubes and the drinks to help the reader understand the concepts. I also noticed some corrections that were made (based on reader feedback) to some items that have been changed by the manufacturer. I think that shows that the author is not trying to mislead anyone into avoiding or banning these beverages, but willing to present the facts so that we all can make informed decisions about our food and beverage consumption.

Hopefully the website owners do not take down such an informative site. I think it's a valuable educational tool we can use to help others avoid the excessive consumption of high-sugar beverages.

Check the site out by clicking here.


TC said...

Liggy. Thanks for stopping by Live Smart. I don't know if you saw this post about the American Heart Association Guidlines for Sugar Intake It is a big eye opener and a move toward reducing sugars in the diet and food production industry. You right. There is too much sugar and sugary products in the marketplace today and we all need to be more vigelant about what we consume.

Liggy said...

Thank you for sharing a link to that post. I checked it out. It definitely is a big eye opener about sugar in our diet. I think we also need to raise more awareness about the dangers of too much sugar....