Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's Next For Kardiaxyme?

We recently shared the breakthrough advances of Kardiaxyme which has helped resolve many inflammatory and circulatory problems of the people who were fortunate enough to use it. But since the breakdown of the supplier and the manufacturer's relationship (shortly after our first post was published), the question has been asked - what other natural alternatives are available that can do what Kardiaxyme has been able to do?

The supplier, Xooma Worldwide, quickly harnessed the recommendations of its scientific and health advisory board to determine the answer to that question.  Apparently, there are a number of products that have successfully managed a lot of the symptoms associated with the ailments that Kardiaxyme was used for.  These products have been available for many years and have been well-accepted regimens for the very same symptoms.

They call it the KX Alternative Package and costs the same per month as the monthly supply of Kardiaxyme had cost when ordered under a membership plan.  This package consists of these products:

Here is the recommended usage guidelines chart:  (click to enlarge)

Considering the amazing feedback the company has received from users of these products, we believe this regimen is an excellent replacement for the Kardiaxyme.  Even better is the fact that the capsules are veggie-based.

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