Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kardiaxyme is Back!

Kardiaxyme is coming back to Xooma Worldwide...and this time, it's not going be in bulky, heavy bottles that cost a good amount of money to get shipped out to you.  This time, it's being packaged in convenient, lightweight, portable, capsules - 120 to a box.

3 Key Functions:

Antioxidant - Removes free radicals and toxins with a powerful, unique marine polyphenol complex.*

Cardiovascular - Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels; Promotes vasodilation and increases elasticity of vascular lining; Reduces and prevents plaque buildup through inhibiting LDL oxidation; Improves blood condition for optimal flow.*

Inflammation - Minimizes and reverses the debilitating effects of chronic neurological discomfort; Enhances cellular function in muscle and organ tissues to prevent inflammatory reactions to cellular stress; Suppresses and prevents the degradation of cartilage in joints, while increasing lubrication and cushioning.*

The Ingredients in KardiaXyme...

-- Remove free radicals and toxins with a powerful, unique marine polyphenol complex*
-- Promote optimum cellular function and a balanced response to cellular stress*
-- Support cartilage in joints and healthy joint function*
-- Support healthy blood vessel function*
-- Help maintain healthy lipid levels*
-- Promote healthy blood viscosity for optimal flow*
-- Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
-- Support delivery of oxygen and nutrients to energize tissue and cells*

From liquid to capsules:

The original KardiaXyme came in a 32 ounce liquid bottle and required 4 bottles per month for a therapeutic dosage. The NEW KardiaXyme comes in a convenient and compact box that contains 60 capsules each and the therapeutic dosage requires just 2 boxes. (maintenace dose = 1 box per month)

$100 LESS than the original price?!

The original KardiaXyme sold for $49.99 per bottle. To achieve a therapeutic monthly dosage required 4 bottles - a total of $199.96. The NEW KardiaXyme sells for $49.98 per box. To achieve a therapeutic monthly dosage requires just 2 boxes - a total of $99.96.

Not only does the NEW KardiaXyme cost 50% LESS, its light weight and small size also saves you additional money on shipping!

This is great news for the many people who found this to be the most effective natural-based regimen for their blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and immune system problems.  I just had to share the excitement that is growing over the news!

Supported by over 35 Million Dollars in extensive research and studies, the ingredients in the new KardiaXyme deliver noticeable health benefits throughout the entire body. This exclusive formula contains a potent, highly bioactive polyphenol complex that optimizes cellular, cardiovascular and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness.

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